Studio Conscious

A Ecommerce site for a pair of designers from Sherwood Park and Edmonton Alberta. They sell thrifted curations, and hand made goods, as well as do concept work for bigger projects.

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We used Stripe for payments and products

Stripe was our first choice to integrate payments and products with Studio Conscious

We used Sanity for out content management

Sanity was a great choice for managing products and content, it has a great api and is first class.

We used the following services to bring Studio Conscious to the web


Sanity is one of the simplest CMS’s to use and makes content changes has a great API that we utilised to connect to stripe and have a purchase record in sanity itself.


Netlify is fast and reliable host, that makes it easy for us to make changes to the structure of the site when needed.

Send Grid

We send your emails with Send Grids API allowing you to have fast reliable contact forms.


We built the site with Gatsby JS, the fastest static site generator. Meaning your site’s fast and index-able by google


Payments and products provided by stripe, with a clean API, integration makes total sense.