JL FIT Personal Training

A simple website for a personal training company with many features that allows them to maintain the site and keep there brand ahead of the game.

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We used Dato CMS

Dato makes it easy for users to change there website content, from text to color,. images to SEO settings.

Our Logo Process

A sneak peak at our process of creating the JL Fit logo

What we used to build and host JL Fit

Netlify Hosting

Netlify is fast and reliable host, that makes it easy for us to make changes to the strucutre of the site when needed

Dato CMS

Dato is one of the simplest CMS’s to use and makes content changes on JL Fit a great experience

Send Grid

We send your emails with Send Grids API allowing you to have fast reliable contact forms.

Gatsby JS

We built the site with Gatsby JS, the fastest static site generator. Meaning your site’s fast and indexable by google

Log Rocket

Your site is monitored by screen recordings of each visit and you and us can view any errors people might have on the site

Google Analytics

SEO is important and we track your visits and search ratings right in google analytics