Conundrum Quest

A place to share the World's hardest problems. Nominate hero's who are working on them. And to follow a problem and see it's status over time.

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We created basic, moderator and admin users for this app

We used fauna db with Role based access control to have multiple user types

We made it possible to submit Quests

A regular user could submit a quest that would go into moderation

We made it possible to follow a Quest

Users who were signed in could follow a Quest

We made it possible to Nominate a hero to a Quest

Hero's are the people working on a Quest

What we used to Build this

Fauna DB

We used Fauna DB to build our database schema, it works with GraphQL and FQL. It has RBAC built in and works just great. So far has cost us nothing in development.

Vercel Hosting

We are using Vercel to host out app, it is fast and has multiple deploy branch configuration. It has no development cost as well.

We are open source

We are a open source project visit the website to find out more.

Next JS

We are built on top of Next JS. A wonderful react framework.