Absolute Hardwood Flooring

Absolute Hardwood is a small team of designers and industry professionals guiding each one of our clients through the flooring selection process. Offering our clients a full range of flooring options such as Hardwood, Tile, Carpet, Cork and Vinyl.

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Products Section

We created a clean products section where customers quickly see offerings, and at a visual glance see what they are interested in.

Request a Quote

We built a custom solution tailored to Absolute's needs for quotes

Book an appointment

We implemented a book appointment widget through Calendly that syncs to their Google calendar

Simple and clean menu system.

We built a clean menu system that not only looks good but performs well

Custom CMS built in Sanity

Absolute needed a way to update content without having to call a developer, we implemented Sanity as a bespoke solution.

What we used to built Absolute


We used the framework Gatsby to build a stable website with fast page loads and great SEO.


We hosted with Netlify for the fair pricing and easy deployment. To this date Absolute has not paid one hosting fee.

We used Sanity CMS to manage the content of the website

We used Sanity to allow Absolute full control over the content of their website. They can even deploy all changes from within the CMS.