Wispy builds and designs web sites and applications, In Sherwood Park, AB. We have fun doing so, and love working with interesting companies.

If your company is trying to do something to better the world, or is supporting those who are. We would love to work with you, something as small as having an ethically run business is what we look for.

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We work quickly too get your product online

We are busy and efficient. Your mission is important too us. We care about the health of others and the people in this world and strive to help companies that do too. We know what it is like to wake up in the morning, get a warm cup of coffee and feel like there a million things to do. We are here to take your website and application worries off your hands.

We work fairly and strive to make a good equal deal

We want you to walk away working with us feeling we both have gained from our business. We want you to succeed in all your endevaours. We will do what it takes to create a fair environment for working, and building your website or application.

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate

At Wispy we stay ahead of trends, if you want AI we are ready to deliver. If you are looking for blockchain we can build on Stacks for bitcoin, or ethereum. We are a polygot learning team and ready to take on any new challenge.


Shopify Websites and Custom Applications

We are proficient in Shopify custom builds, our latest project is www.studioconcious.com. We are currently building a shopify app to better help resellers manage their uniqe products in their shopify inventory.

GatsbyJS static and dynamic builds

We have lots of experience with Gatsby sites, and if that is what you are looking for we would love to help. We built www.absolutehardwood.ca in gatsby and it is going great.

Next JS Software Applications and Dynamic Websites

We have built many different applications in NextJS a prominent one is www.conundrum.quest we believe we can help you get your software off the ground and are here to help.

Our Featured Projects

Absolute Hardwood Flooring

Absolute Hardwood is a small team of designers and industry professionals guiding each one of our clients through the flooring selection process. Offering our clients a full range of flooring options such as Hardwood, Tile, Carpet, Cork and Vinyl.

Free Hosting

Sanity CMS

Fast Static Site

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Conundrum Quest

A place to share the World's hardest problems. Nominate hero's who are working on them. And to follow a problem and see it's status over time.

User Profiles


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JL FIT Personal Training

A simple website for a personal training company with many features that allows them to maintain the site and keep there brand ahead of the game.

Dato CMS

Fast Free Hosting

Design and Branding

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Our Happy Clients

Wispy helped me update my website, refresh the design, increase the load speed and bring a professional feel to my business. I would recommend them to any upcoming or established business.

Jordan Houghton

JL Fit

Our business is in a unique upcoming market, and we needed a way to sell online that was simple and enjoyable for our clientele, while also being easy for us to manage. Wispy was able to offer this and more, at an affordable price.

About Us

Our Awesome Crew

We are a family business that know’s how to get the job done.

Anders Kitson


Austin Kitson

Business Development

Riel Kitson


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If you are looking revamp or build a new website, eccomerce site or web app we can help. Contact us on the right.

Our email: hi@wispy.co